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Tournament Draws

Tournament Draws

Run in-house or open attendance tournmaents. Build draws with multiple events, Main/Consolation/Classic Plate draws, and round robins for up to six-player events. Print score sheets and Court Control sheets. Talk to us about designing your own home page.

  • Main, Consolation, and Plate Draws, and optionally a 5-6 playoff for the main round.
  • Round Robins for 3 to 5 players
  • Two 3-player boxes with cross-over play-offs are defined for 6 player round robins.
  • Up to 16 seeded players per draw.
  • Players from same club/city are kept apart in first round.
  • Match results are entered by the tournament director, and draws are updated online.
  • Enter results throughout the tournament, updating displays, and easily back out and re-enter results entered in error.
  • Auto-scheduling function also provided.
  • Match results are fully integrated with online rankings, as well as published to club ladders if any two players are current members of the same ladder.