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Team Leagues

Multi-club, Multi-Round Robin Cycle, Team Leagues

Take out all the manual effort to configure, schedule and manage multiple team leagues, and publish schedules even the night before league starts.

  • Both Singles and Doubles leagues are supported.
  • Define any number of divisions, each individually configured for:
  • - From 4 to 12 teams, with 1 to 6 full round-robin cycles.
    - From 2 to 10 player positions per team.
    - Set the week night of play.
    - Set bonus points for a team win or a tie.
    - Define Quarter-Finals, and/or Semi-Finals and/or Finals, or no playoffs.

  • The season schedule for all divisions is generated and displayed online in an easy to read format.
  • Default match start times per club can be edited by the club rep or league administrator.
  • Home Team Captains login and enter match results via player drop-down lists.
  • A confirming email is sent to the visitor team captain if the email address is available.
  • Match results immediately update the online player rankings.
  • Team standings are updated automatically, and all individual matches played can be displayed.
  • League administrators can
  • - Change teams to fill a BYE part way through the season.
    - Convert teams dropping out to a BYE part way through the season.
    - Edit any scheduled match to a different night or venue.
    - Assess penalty points to any team for any night of play.
    - Award bonus points as defined by league rules (for example for wearing sponsor shirts, or obtaining substitutes when unable to play).
    - Edit or enter any league night results for any team throughout the season.
    - Enter results for unscheduled matches if desired.
    - Revise teams selected for playoff positions.

  • Separate 'league-rankings' display is also provided for Open and Women's divisions, based on the provinical rankings.