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Integrated Ranking System

Integrated Ranking System

The head-to-head ranking system used by Quick-Draws is a points-based system that has been in use throughout Canada for over 5 years, and is well accepted by the players. Completely accessible by browser, immune to player abuse, thousands of match results are entered by the players themselves, in any time order, eliminating manual effort for sporting associations to maintain the best sport ranking system anywhere. The system includes a player data base and membership management functions.

  • A head-to-head ranking points algorithm prevents double-jump system abuse, and encourages participation in competition.
  • Set up ranking lists for multiple different sports for your club ladder, or your provincial, state or national rankings.
  • Both singles and doubles rankings are supported.
  • Match results can be entered from anywhere by browser, in any time order, with forward affected rankings automatically corrected.
  • Include club ladder, tournament, league and box league matches to the rankings, or set up separate sets of rankings for each.
  • Ranking lists and match history displays are online and always up-to-the-minute current - no manual effort needed to keep online lists up-to-date.
  • Separate ranking lists are available for Open, Women, Masters, Juniors, and Top-Ten Juniors per age category.
  • Competition is encouraged at all levels, since players set personal ranking point goals to achieve.
  • Ranking lists can be incorporated into provincial/state web sites through html frames.
  • Integrated provincial, state, and national rankings encourage players to travel to distant tournaments.
  • Players must be current paid-up members of the club or the province, state or national association to appear in the ranking list.
  • The head-to-head algorithm also eliminates advancement through frequent play. Advancement comes only from defeating close or higher ranked players.
  • Regular inactivity deductions are applied during the regular season.
  • Player match history displays show how each match affected their ranking points.
  • Out-of-province/state matches also count in a head-to-head calculation for all ranking lists.
  • The administrator can insert, correct, or remove disputed matches up to 4 weeks the past, and all affected forward rankings are recalculated.
  • Activity reports can be generated of where, when, how many matches played, for supplying to sport funding organizations.
  • Event categories of League/Club ladder, and 'A' through 'AAAA' for tournaments can be specified, to weight the ranking calculation.