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Integrated Ranking System

Club Challenge Ladders

Manage your club membership lists, and run multiple sport challenge ladders for your club. Your members can easily obtain contact info for other players when logged in, to arrange matches, which is great for new members trying to arrange matches. Encourage competition at all levels, since players can set their own season objectives, such as to exceed 900 points. Match results count towards Quick-Draws provincial, state, and national rankings.

  • Club ladders also act as a club management system, with administrator and member login, membership lists, membership categories, member contact info, member login, court and fitness class bookings, box leagues, etc.
  • Both Singles and Doubles club challenge ladders are supported.
  • Multiple sports per club are supported.
  • Club administrators can post announcements to the club home page, assuring maximum visibility of upcoming events and other announcements.
  • Club administrators can email announcments to all members, or all members with a selected member category.
  • Club administrators can obtain membership lists to open in excel and sort as needed.
  • Players login and enter match their results with other club players, book or cancel courts, and obatin contact info for other members.
  • A confirming email is sent to the opponent for match result entry to prevent abuse.
  • The same head-to-head rankings algorithm is used as for provincial rankings, to prevent abuse.
  • Players can login and obtain contact info for players on the ladder to arrange matches.
  • Current club membership, as well as ranking points in the sport, is required to appear in each club sport ladder.
  • Player match history displays are provided, showing the effect of each match on their ranking points.
  • Match results can also contribute to provincial/state ranking points.
  • Club reps can remove or revise disputed match results.