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Box Leagues

Box League Management

Get rid of all that manual effort needed to manage box leagues. Run multiple boxes (like Open, Ladies, Juniors) for multiple sports. Define the number of players per box, the number that move up and down after each box, and the dates for the next box. Post the match times on the club home page, or let the players schedule their own matches. Players login and enter their own match results, and when the boxes are completed. process the results at the click of a button. Or, extend the box end date if players need more time to complete.

  • Not enough players to fill all boxes? Don't worry, the lower boxes are automatically shortened so there are never less than N - 1 players per box, where N is the assigned number of players you have assigned per box.
  • Multiple sports and multiple types (eg. Open, Women's, Junior's etc.) of leagues are supported.
  • Box League players can login to their club ladders to enter their box league match results.
  • All match results played appear in an easy to read online display.
  • Box league match results also count towards the club ladder and the province/state/national Quick-Draws rankings.
  • Extensive, simple to use, box league management functions are available to the club pro and administrator.
  • Club Reps can login and define the number of players per box, and the number that move up and down after each box.
  • Club Reps can set the start and stop dates for each subsequent box.
  • Club Reps can remove or revise disputed results.
  • Club Reps can extend the end date of a box to allow more time for players to complete their matches if needed.
  • Club Reps can substitute one player for a player dropping out after box play has started, if the player dropping out has not yet recorded any matches.
  • At the end of the box, the club rep clicks a button to re-organize the players up and down based on the match results entered.